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William A. Harris Steam Engine Company

This engine was designed and built by the William A. Harris Steam Engine Company, corner of Park and Promenade Streets, Providence, RI. It has a 15" bore, a 42" stroke, 14' diameter flywheel, and produces 161 HP at 80 RPM with 100 lbs steam pressure. William A. Harris was the plant superintendant at the Corliss Steam Engine Company until 1869, when the Corliss patent ran out. He then started his own company using the Corliss valve design. This engine was installed in the Pond Lily Company in Westville, CT, dyers of cotton piece goods. It was donated to the museum by the Evelyn Moulton and her son David in 1977.

Left Side view, Robert Merriam starting the engine

This William A. Harris engine has a 16" bore and 30" stroke. It has a Tangye bed and Brown Valve gear. This engine was first installed in a shoe factory in Brockton, MA in 1911. During the depression of the 1930s it was sold to the National Laundry in Dorchester, MA. It was reerected in their plant for a total cost of $750 including the cost of installing the boiler. It was used to generate electricity and the exhaust steam was used in the laundry process. It was donated to the museum by the National Laundry Company in 1969. It was moved to the museum by Vic Richardson, Robert and Paul Merriam and restored by Donald Langlais and Tony Assumpico.

Right Side view

Left Side view

Brown Valve Gear

Harris Valves

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